New Every Morning


7 a.m. seems early in the summertime

But the soft light beckons me out of bed

The birds have been up for quite some time

Singing in counterpoint

An impossible polyphony that somehow seems to fit together

In dulcet tones and effortless arias


A cardinal and his mate fly swiftly through the tree branches

Her muted tones only hinting at his crimson splendor

They are too fast for my camera to catch

But lovely to behold


And I wonder not for the first time

At the splashes of color all around

A feast for the bees who are efficiently moving from flower to flower


Their fat little bodies held in the air by diaphanous wings


Purple hydrangea catch my eye

Tiny blossoms crowding together to form a larger flower

Held up by a tiny stem that must be stronger than it looks

I marvel at the design of our Creator God

At the lush greens which form the background palette for so much color


Not just one green but many

As showcased in a soft leaf

Its many veins forming an interconnected network

Of sage and olive


The tomatoes are still green too

Light green and shiny

But growing quickly

Soon to be replaced with bright red fruit


I sit next to the garden in the grass

The ground still covered in dew

Letting myself breathe in the scents of morning

The smell of earth and flower


Quiet listening and stillness

Soon encourage the birds to alight on a nearby feeder

A bird with a very pointed beak hangs upside down

And a brown speckled bird surveys the yard with quick eyes

Searching for worms


Chipmunks scamper across the lawn

And one sits quietly on a rock


Wondering if I present a danger or not

We look at each other awhile

Before he runs off to join the others


Creation sings the glory of God

Whether I am here to hear it or not

Like truth

It simply IS

And I take it in

The images both subtle and lush at the same time

Many parts which somehow form a cohesive whole

My aching heart inhales peace

And exhales joy


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