Deep Calls to Deep

The past few days have gone by too quickly

No more sunsets over the water remain this year

No more moonlit nights reflecting off the water


Sitting on the dock one last time

Before leaving this place

Until next year

I had never seen the water so still

When I first came out this morning

The lake like glass

The leaves unmoving


Something stirred them

Though at first it was almost imperceptible

Now I feel it

Barely caressing my skin

The slightest breeze


And is if on cue

The water ripples

The leaves brush against one another

The merest whisper

And the loud black birds

Call to one another


I can see sunlight reflected

Against the houses on the other side of the lake

The sky is full of dark cloud

Except for a single bright spot

Where blue sky peeks through


I’m thankful it isn’t raining

Though it feels like it might

Allowing me a few more moments on this dock


I woke this morning convicted

Deleting apps that just waste time

Creation better than any screen


“Deep calls to deep

In the roar of your waterfalls

All your waves and breakers

Have swept over me” (Isaiah 42:7)


And sometimes

In the stillness

With barely a breeze

God speaks


I began this season

Reminded of the need to listen

It feels appropriate now to hear the call again

Not just here

Where the cool air makes each day pleasant

Where work and deadlines do not distract

But at home

Where busy schedules rule my days

There is nothing more vital

Than stopping to listen


Listen to His word

Listen to His spirit

Listen to creation


Deep calls to deep

But how often have I been satisfied

With a half life

Barely skimming the surface of God’s grace


I repent

The shallowness of my days

How easily I am distracted

How quickly I am satisfied


O Lord

Help me not be satisfied in lesser things

“As the deer pants for streams of water”

Help my soul pant for you, O God


“By day the Lord directs his love,

At night his song is with me-

A prayer to the God of my life” (Psalm 42:8)


Deep calls to deep

And I respond

Quieting my heart

To listen

One thought on “Deep Calls to Deep

  1. Such a beautiful post – filled with thoughts of God and portions of His Word. Thank you for sharing this lovely post. Love your photos. It must be hard to leave this wonderful place and return home.


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